Tara Sivamani joined the TWC board in 2014 and was connected to the organization through Mike Giancola. She is currently a Biology teacher at Garner Magnet High School and has been teaching for the past five years. She graduated from North Carolina State University with a Biology degree and a minor in Wildlife Sciences. While she was at NC State, she traveled to Nicaragua, India, Namibia and Alaska on various projects ranging from tiger and cheetah research to studying education issues in the US. At Garner High, she works with students in the Student Service and Leadership Team to raise awareness about various international issues and organizations. They have worked with Stop Child Trafficking Now, the Salvation Army, and helped bring the documentary, ‘Girl Rising’ to their city. These students have a level of dedication, enthusiasm, and selflessness that is inspiring not only to their peers, but also to the faculty and staff at Garner High.

Tara has a passion for global education and women’s issues revolving around education and human trafficking. She is originally from Chennai, India and has lived in Malaysia, England, and a few other places in India and the US. She enjoys Bollywood music, hiking, kayaking, spicy food and tries to speak in different languages every so often.