Brendan is an attorney currently serving as a Special Counsel in the U.S. Department of Defense.  He previously served as an active duty JAG officer in the U.S. Air Force.  During his military service, Brendan deployed to Afghanistan with joint special operations forces, receiving the Bronze Star Medal from the U.S. Army, among other decorations.

He served in a variety of leadership positions in stateside assignments, including as the Chief of Military Justice overseeing and prosecuting complex criminal cases.   As a result of his handling of a national security case, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence selected Brendan as the 2013 Junior Attorney of the Year for the national intelligence community.  Brendan also served as one of the Air Force’s first Special Victims Counsel, where he represented military victims of rape and serious sexual assault across the nation.

Brendan received his law degree from Yale Law School and his undergraduate degree, summa cum laude, from Pepperdine University.  Brendan is a member of Grace Downtown, a Presbyterian church in Washington, D.C.

Outside of his legal career, Brendan founded and serves on the board of The Wishing Well, a non-profit that has funded more than 100 water projects in the developing world.  Brendan is also a board member of Flying Scarfs (, an organization that economically empowers marginalized widows in Afghanistan and Kenya by selling the artisan items they create in the United States.  Brendan co-founded Flying Scarfs’ operation in Kenya in 2013.