About US

Together We Can is 501(c)3 non profit dedicated to serving everyone, of any faith or of no faith. We seek individuals and groups committed to making significant and meaningful changes in their communities, both locally and internationally. By directing and coordinating existing resources, we complement and work with existing programs and foster new projects as needed.

Donations that are received are sent directly to the projects/ministries for which they are intended. TWC has no paid staff and no overhead associated with offices, etc. TWC does have typical expenses such as phones, postage, etc which are paid by the partners but these expenses are very small. The goal of TWC is to provide donors with a direct line of support to their chosen projects.

OUR MISSION is to provide opportunities and assistance for people in need to empower them to transform their lives.

OUR STRATEGY is to work with others who are trying to make a difference in under-resourced communities both locally and internationally to promote self-sufficiency and hope.

OUR METHOD is to coordinate and direct resources to areas of identified need.

OUR MOTIVATION is Jesus Christ’s call to serve others.

OUR CORE VALUES are Integrity, Stewardship, Appreciation for the diversity of cultures, and Recognition of the dignity of all people.

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