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When Grace Happens One Year Anniversary Update

When Grace Happen recently celebrated its one year anniversary. During the previous year, they has been very busy in its ministry. Below is an update of the work they have been doing and continues doing in the Raleigh Area, as well as its future projects.

The Pokémon shoe drive really helped to launch the practical clothes, coats, and shoe work of WGH. Because of that success, When Grace Happens work in providing clothes and shoes to the needy in this area has grown significantly, and given us inroads to new ministry and increased When Grace Happens exposure in the community.

We received donations from partners at the Boys and Girls Club, Logan’s Nursery, Edenton Men’s Ministry and Indigo Hot Yoga. They all help by giving on a regular basis.

When Grace Happens Haircutting Service also has been a significant part of When Grace Happens work, and very successful over the last year. Along with bus passes, and resume assistance, we’ve seen a few inroads created to help individuals toward part-time and full-time employment.

When Grace Happens’ greatest success has been coming alongside various churches and ministries as they work downtown in monthly and weekly projects. We are often able to follow up with the doors that become open when churches come to minister at Oak City outreach, When Grace Happens main hub for seeking out people who need help.

Another highlight of the past year has been seeing individual lives of men and women on the street, feeling appreciated, loved, and valued. This means more than anything, because hearing that someone gained a bit of hope and help is at the center of what we are trying to do.

When Grace Happens’ greatest current prayer, need is for finances. The wear and tear on my car has taken its toll over the past year, and I use it almost totally for ministry purposes. I am also in need of a financial adviser with expertise in the area of nonprofit and taxes, as well as an administrative assistant. I would also like prayer in the area of time management and organization. With the ministry just starting, I’ve been working about seven days a week.

For the direction we’re moving in, we purchased a few items for lawn care, including trimmers, rakes, cutters, and a chainsaw. We are hoping to actually give some men the tools they need to go out and make money themselves.

When Graces Happens is hoping to continue assisting families in helping them furnish homes, on a much smaller scale than the Green Chair Project.

There is also a project in place to set up a small reading areas in the homes of families coming out of the shelter or simply under resourced families.

We are hoping to have a small “fashion show” highlighting clothes that have been donated on models who are living in shelters or as under-resourced families.

Visit there website at http://www.whengracehappens.org/ to learn more about their mission