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Together We Can Haiti Medical Team 2017

The Medical Team Update


Our medical team mission to Haiti was a success. The CBF Haiti Medical Stafffamilies received care for much-need treatments for parasites, infections, several cases of pneumonia, acute skin infections, and many other illnesses.




CBF Haiti Medical

People traveled from two to three hours to see us because there is no medical care in any direction for several hours on foot. We say over 1700 people in the 4.5 running the clinic. While, they waited in line, as seen in the picture to the left, they heard the Gospel. We are blessed to have given care to these people. Here are some stories of our help:


We’ve also seen serious cases involving an aggressive tumor on a teenage boy’s face, a young lady with two broken arms from falling off of a donkey, and a little boy with severe anemia. Thankfully we were able to coordinate transportation down the mountain and cover CBF Haiti Medical Close Upcosts to get these patients to the care and testing they need at hospitals in the nearest cities. As always, we are blown away every year by the hard work, compassion, stamina, and love demonstrated by this team. They do not stop until they’ve seen every single patient. They pull 11 hour days – and all the while have been radiating the love and grace of Christ to every single person, no matter how exhausted they are. 


Thank you for the people who contributed to this visit of our medical team. We will have our next visit soon. For more updates on the work of Together We Can Haiti visit there website here